It’s National School Sport Week. It’s hot. It’s sunny. It would be a perfect week for sport’s day. Whether you’re a sack-race ace or a triple jump champion, 2020 has been disappointing for many. However, the Youth Sport Trust has teamed up with Sky Sports to run a national campaign which will aim to unite the country – families, schools, sport and businesses – in a celebration of the power of sport to bring people together, even during isolation.

The UK-wide campaign is challenging people to take on their families, friends and neighbours in virtual sporting challenges – helping them to connect in an unprecedented period of school closures and social distancing. The active challenges all have an emphasis on togetherness, inclusivity and wellbeing. They are things you can do within the home, and where you can engage in straightforward virtual competition with friends, neighbours and family outside your home.

Like our games throughout August, the Youth Sport Trust are the ideal way to replace this year’s school sport’s day. Get your whole family involved, enjoy exercising together and make the most of the beautiful summer sun! It is not too late to get involved, anyone can register to take part in National School Sport Week. Simply click here to get started: