One of our great lessons of from the pandemic is rediscovering local nature spots. writes Planet Earth Games Chief Executive Chris Broadbent. Yes, we are lucky, my family and I live in Devon. In normal times, we would not hesitate to drive to the beach or on the moors, along with thousands of others.

But in lockdown, we have been forced to look much closer to home to places within a short walk or cycle away. Again, living in Devon we are fortunate to be within easy reach of a suitable spot, but there are pockets of nature to be embraced on most doorsteps, even in the most urban environments.

Most days, we have taken to going to a small duck pond within a 10 minute walk. In the last few weeks, we have enjoyed watching a gaggle of delicate new born goslings growing into confident geese and ganders in their own right.

We have also played some epic games hide and seek hiding in bushes, shrubs, even up in trees. Of course, there have a been a few nettle stings on the way, quickly soothed by some nearby dock leaves.

Sometimes, it really is the simple things in life.