As face masks have quickly become a normal part of life, it is important that we adapt to the new normal with an eye on our mantra of #HealthyPeople and a #HealthyPlanet. Face masks are incredibly important for keeping our communities safe. By stopping the spread of the virus, hopefully we can stop a second peak. Like at the height of the lockdown in April with everyone staying housebound, we think it is beautiful to see communities make small individual sacrifices to look after one another. With healthy people as the short-term priority, we think it is important to not forget the long-term threat to the health of the planet.

As of 24th July, face coverings will be compulsory in England’s shops.

While these new rules are designed to protect us from the virus, the surge in usage does have a downside; an increase in the amount of single-use plastic waste.

Globally we are using 129 billion face masks every month.

Unless you’re in a medical situation, the best option is to get a reusable face mask that can be worn and washed again and again.

Myriad (a circular economy fashion company)


Cheap, single-use, disposable. Like many others, we are starting to see an increase in those blue-white face-masks dropped on the pavement and littered next to nature paths. Face masks have an undeniably good impact on our communities, but when they are left scattered everywhere, it is a worry. But, it’s not just the careless litter: even the most diligent bin-users are unfortunately feeding into a larger problem. Remember the recent campaign to reduce the usage of single-use straws? Now imagine you breathed through a straw every time you entered a shop. Landfills and coastlines are filling up with these life-saving masks.



Reusable, long-lasting, fashionable. With the growing problem of single-use masks, now is the perfect time to get hold of a mask which is comfier, environmentally friendly and suits your style. Small and eco-focused brands like Myriad are leading the way in masks made out of recycled materials. By picking up a stylish mask which you can wash and reuse, you can save considerable amounts of money in the long-run. whilst helping to protect the planet and other people too.


Feeling creative? If you have an old t-shirt laying about and fancy a challenge, below is a quick and easy method for making your own face mask in just 5 minutes!



On August 1st, a month of Planet Earth Games virtual events will start. With daily challenges including local exploration, mindfulness and vegan cooking (and daily prizes too), this summer is the perfect time to refocus on the planet and your health. With face masks playing a mandatory role in our daily lives, we all need to stay safe and look after our communities and environment. So make sure you stay safe and sign up for events here.