Planet Earth Games is an organisation right at the heart of two of the major challenges of our time – human health & wellbeing and climate change. As we tip toe from the pandemic, the UK is facing a crisis over inactivity and obesity, which is estimated to cost the NHS over £1billion per year and the world finds itself facing up to the climate crisis – it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.

We believe in a symbiotic relationship between human health and environmental health and if we live healthier lifestyle closely connected to nature, then both people and planet can thrive. We strive to influence, educate and inspire people towards active, sustainable lifestyles. But we don’t preach. Sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrifice…it can be fun too.

That approach has underpinned the success of the Planet Earth Games, which has grown from a being a regional event to a national event in the last 12 months, hosting two virtual events that have reached over one million people across social media. We are on an exciting journey and are looking for a talented administrator to join our team. If you are interested, please download the role description and application details below. DEADLINE: Friday 16 April

Administrator Job Description