As supermarket shelves are stripped bare as people are overcome by coronavirus panic, a harsh light is shining upon society’s obsessive consumerism. Instead of adapting to the new circumstances and becoming more resourceful, large chunks of society have instead taken a selfish me-first approach hoarding goods when there is plenty to go round and so others suffer.

An estimated 10 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year and it is not difficult to see why. It points towards a depressingly dystopian future for our society.

There are parallels with and lessons to be learned from recycling. The 5 Rs mantra has never been more relevant in the short-term as we seek sustainability in the long term.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and refuse.

Do you need all that food? Are you really going to use it all? Do you have leftovers? Can they be re-used for more meals? Are there any items you are buying that can be repaired or at least donated to someone who can repair and make us of it? Yes, 2 for 1 and 3 for 2 offers are tempting…that’s why they do it! But, do you really need the extra? Really?

Coronavirus – like climate change – is an overwhelming issue for every individual to confront. But, we can all do our bit.