January 7 , 2022


More and more high-profile sportspeople are succeeding at the highest level on vegan diets, including Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Planet Earth Games ambassadors Fiona Oakes and Andreas Vojta (see below) – both of whom are setting challenges at thi

More and more high-profile sportspeople are succeeding at the highest level on vegan diets, including Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Planet Earth Games ambassadors Fiona Oakes and Andreas Vojta (see below) – both of whom are setting challenges at this year’s Planet Earth Games.

Another success story is Australian runner Morgan Mitchell who switched to a vegan diet in 2013. She has since gone on to represent her country at two Olympics, three World Championships and two Commonwealth Games. Mitchell specialises in the 800m and talked exclusively with Planet Earth Games….

How long have you been a vegan?

For 8 years now! Time really does fly!

Why are you vegan?

I switched to a vegan diet mostly for the animals and the environment. I definitely did my research and some of the information I found out about the meat and dairy industry was too heartbreaking, so I made the switch

What do you think are the benefits of being vegan?

For me, definitely recovery time. I feel so much better after workouts than I did when I wasn’t a vegan. I also haven’t been sick since going vegan, that was the most important part for me as I used to religiously get struck with tonsillitis 2-3 times a year and once I switched, I haven’t had any issues at all!

What is the reaction of other athletes when they learn you are vegan?

They’re curious more than anything. Some people joke about it, but most people try it, which I think is amazing! As athletes we are always looking for new ways to take care of our bodies so it’s cool to see that other athletes and people in general are interested about the benefits.

Are you vegan for health reasons or are there also environmental reasons?

Definitely both. It started out as environmental and it still definitely is, but once I sat down with my dietician and we mapped out my food diary back in 2016, she really taught me a lot about the positive impacts a vegan diet has on the body.

What are your athletics ambitions for 2022?

To be honest, I’m still recovering from a partially torn Achilles that happened in March. If we can get that healthy, then I have my sights set on hopefully running sub 2 and making the Australian team for both World Champs and Commonwealth Games. I have a lot of plans away from track and field too, so I’m just trying to live in the moment, have fun and find the perfect balance

What are your ambitions beyond your running career?

  • To definitely continue my relationship with my sponsor, Jaggad and to continue designing collections with them.
  • Work on more exciting projects with F45 Training
  • Sign up singing and acting lessons as it’s been a dream of mine to be in a Disney movie
  • -And finally, at some point, start a business, delete all social media and move to Spain

Thanks to Athletics Australia for arranging this interview.

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