June 19 , 2020


At Planet Earth Games, we love seeing our planet green, alive and healthy! We believe in the power of personal choices when it comes to protecting our planet. During the pandemic, the world saw the largest drop of carbon emissions, ever! One easy way to m

At Planet Earth Games, we love seeing our planet green, alive and healthy! We believe in the power of personal choices when it comes to protecting our planet. During the pandemic, the world saw the largest drop of carbon emissions, ever! One easy way to make sure that the eco-trend continues is to always remember the 4Rs. In this order of priority, remember to refusereducereuse and recycle.


We can REFUSE to buy items that contain single-use plastics or items that are individually packaged.

At Planet Earth Games we seek to make sure all products we buy, use and endorse are multi-use. Single use plastics, disposable items and unsustainable products are simply not a part of our manta: “Healthy People, Healthy Planet”.

You can refuse to allow your lifestyle to negatively impact your world. Seek a homegrown plant-based diet, opt for reusables over single-use, and together, we can keep our planet healthy.


REDUCE is to limit the amount of waste you create in the first place. This includes buying products with less packaging and choosing the most sustainable options.

At Planet Earth Games, we always try to minimise our carbon footprint and so we are careful to create as little waste as possible. We hosting a virtual challenges with absolutely minimal waste! If we reduce the amount of rubbish we create, by making what we already have last longer and thinking carefully about the things we buy, then we will leave our planet in the best health.

There are lots of easy ways you can reduce your waste too! Try making gifts from materials you already have, buy high-quality and sustainable products which last or grow food in your garden to avoid plastic packaging.


REUSE means to use something again that you would normally throw away. When you reuse, you use fewer natural resources and also save the energy that is needed to make a replacement.

At Planet Earth Games, before we throw anything away, we always ask, “What could we do with this?” Even if it is just reusing plastic bags, one extra use saves more plastic from the landfill. We believe in the circular economy, that means a future where we can eliminate waste!

Going to the charity shops to pick up some vintage gems, using old jars for cool pencil pots and heading to the car boot sale, reusing is in.


RECYCLE means the product goes through a mechanical process to change its form. Recycling saves energy, resources and materials from creating brand new products.

By recycling a single tin can we can save enough energy to power a TV for three hours! At Planet Earth Games, we love anything that’s made from paper, cardboard or metal. In fact, our medals are made from recyclable wood, check them out here.

Once you have reduced and reused as much as you can, check if the item you are about to discard is recyclable! Use your recycling bins to recycle as much as you can. Make sure you check with your local council; they are always adding materials to their recycling lists!

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by Matt Thomson


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