Planet Earth Games is all about “Healthy Planet, Healthy People”, so when you get home from your next bike ride, what could be better than tucking into a tasty, filling plant-based treat? These dishes are good enough to tempt even the most devout carnivores. Here are some delicious vegan lunch recipes that we recommend to look after the planet whilst keeping you healthy…

1. The Crunchwrap Burrito


This vegan crunchwrap recipe from So Vegan is EXTREMELY easy to make. Perfect for a quick lunch, you’ll be full of beans after squeezing a couple of your 5-a-day into a crunchy snack. You’ll need burritos, tostadas, vegan cheese, black beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and any Mexican toppings you fancy (we recommend homemade guac and salsa!):



2. Spanish Tapas to share


Feed your whole family with a sharing platter of Spanish Tapas. Eating Vegan With Me has written mouth-watering recipes of patatas bravas, aioli,  tostada, olive tapenade and garlic mushrooms. Try mixing and matching the recipes to make everybody happy!

Watch the whole tapas platter being made below:



3. Vegan Banh Mi


Fancy a healthy taste of Vietnam? This Sauce Stache Banh Mi recipe is the ideal way to bring Hanoi home, and after you take the first bite, in moments, the whole dish will be Saigon! Tailor the heat to suit your palate with hot sauce and mint, and consider swapping the seared tofu for vegan halloumi (it may not be authentic, but it tastes too good to really care). Give it a go, and let us know how it goes on Instagram!




4. Irish Stew and Colcannon Mash


The Happy Pear’s Vegan Irish Stew and Colcannon Mash is the perfect meal to leave stewing, filling the house with delicious smells, and warm you up after a swim in the sea or a long run in the rain! It’s so good that Jamie Oliver uploaded the chef’s video to spread the word:




5. Pasta Aglio e Olio


Binging With Babish recreates food from movies, and his take on the Pasta Aglio e Olio from Jon Favreau’s foodie comedy-drama Chef, is quick, easy, and absolutely incredible. If you’re looking to impress a loved one, or even just to impress yourself, simple but perfect pasta is always a winner.



Next time you have worked up an appetite keeping yourself healthy, there will now be more exciting options than just beans on toast! When you try one of these recipes, be sure to tag us in your insta posts @planetearthgames and #HealthyPlanet #HealthyPeople.

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Whatever new recipe you choose to make, take inspiration from this video and remember to have fun with it!

by Matt Thomson